Wonderful things to do in Sentosa Island

This is another amazing place to visit in Singapore. We dedicated 2 days of our trip visit to this island, which was just not sufficient to cover the fabulous things this place has to offer. The most scenic way to get into Sentosa Island is to take the cable car from top of Mount Faber. The ticket is 33$ for a round trip and the view is definitely amazing. You can get the tickets on the link below (discount price sometimes)

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If cable car is not your thing, you can also take Sentosa Express Monorail into Sentosa Island, which leaves from the VivoCity Shopping Mall & costs $4 for the trip to the Sentosa Island. The return from Sentosa Island back to the Singapore Mainland via this monorail is free. And if you are really adventuresome, you can walk to the Sentosa Island along the same bridge that the monorail goes on – the walk is only for 600 metres & it is undercover with travelators most of its way. This Island has ‘n’ fabulous things & I feel one must try to visit as many attractions as possible here.

1. S.E.A Aquarium – This is a must place to visit & if you are travelling with kids, then definitely YES. This is the largest aquarium in the world and could be the best. You get the opportunity to see the marine life in water, and see the sea life you have never seen before. This is an awesome & certainly the best attraction to prioritise in this island.

Tip – You can buy discounted tickets online which saves money & time. Here is the link –  Click here 



2. Trick Eye Museum – This is another fun place in Sentosa. Trick eye (Trick of the eye); which refers to an art technique that changes a two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through optical illusions. You can have more fun by installing AR app (Augmented Reality) with which you can take pictures or videos, where the paintings come to life with sound, lights & special effects 🙂





3. Luge & Sky Ride – If you are a big kid like me, then you have to check out the Luge & Sky Ride. It’s more like Go Karting with all sorts of fun. You have to grab a helmet of your size available there to get on to the ride. They will give you some instructions and then down the hill you go 😀 One half of the luge ride is luging down the hill, and the other half of the ride is taking the ski lift all the way back up to the top of the hill. The view from the ski lift is amazing. If you start on top of the hill, then you luge down first & take a ski lift to the top or vice versa.


4. Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom – If you like butterflies and insects, this is your place to go. It has 3 different areas – a butterfly aviary, a bird aviary & a museum like thing with several bugs & creepy crawlies. If you are with kids, then they will enjoy it especially the butterfly aviary.


5. Universal Studios – Here comes the most exciting part & top thing to do in Sentosa. We dedicated one whole day to cover the entire Universal Studios. I visited the Univ Studios in LA, California few years back – the Univ Studios in Singapore is not as huge as the one in LA but it definitely has several attractions across different theme zones built around the park. This place is not just for elders but for kids too, as there are several attractions aimed right at them. I enjoyed many attractions here except for few big scary rides 😛 (I loved the transformers ride). There are several eating joints at every theme zone & street entertainment around the theme. Wear some breathable clothes as its v hot there (may be an extra pair of shorts as you may get wet in few water rides) & comfortable shoes as you need to walk a lot.

Tip – I recommend you to take the express pass, which has an additional cost on top of the entry ticket ($75) especially if you are travelling with kids. The place is crowded even during the weekdays and the waiting time for each ride may be around 105 minutes or more. Kids may get cranky & start whining while waiting and with the express pass; you may have to wait for max of 10-15 mins per ride or even less. Try to reach early to the park at around 10 AM and stay until 5:30 PM to enjoy the USS to the fullest.




6. Siloso Beach – If beach going is your thing, then Sentosa Island has a couple of man made beaches, they are nice & picturesque with white sand, not lot of waves – just for swimming & enjoying. The best of all is Siloso beach, which is fronted by many beach clubs & bars. Cool place to relax & have a drink.



7. Madame Tussads – This is a wax attraction & if you haven’t visited Madame Tussads earlier, then you must go to this one. We have skipped this, as I have been to Madame Tussads a couple of times when I was in the US.


8. Ifly – If you always wanted to experience skydiving but did not want to jump off the plane, then this is your place to go. You can experience the thrill of skydiving without any danger. This is the world’s largest themed indoor skydiving & there’s no jumping, no bad weather and no aeroplanes – just absolute happiness & thrill like no other.


Apart from all the above places, there are many more attractions in Sentosa – You can take the MegaZip line & also few other adventures rides based on your interest, do surfing at the Wave House in Siloso beach or try the MegaBounce trampoline. There is also a second aquarium at Underwater World. I feel one must dedicate at least 3-4 days to visit all the major attractions of Sentosa Island as for us 2 days to this place was not sufficient at all; I hope we will cover it next time 🙂

Shopping in Singapore?? I shall write all about it in my next blog….Have a Happy week ahead 🙂

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