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As most of you know about my recent trip to Singapore, I decided to make few blog posts all about my experience in this beautiful country. If you are planning for a trip to Singapore, then I have tried to put together everything you need to know, how to get around, must visit attractions and shopping destinations that will make your holiday more convenient and enjoyable. 🙂

How to get there?

Visa:  You can apply for Singapore tourist visa online – it takes 2-5 days for your visa to be processed, and make sure to apply at least 30 days before your travel date. Charges may be around Rs 2,000/- per person. Check the below links to apply for the visa for Indians.

Travel :  There are a number of flights to Singapore from different cities in India. We have booked our tickets from Singapore Airlines, a direct flight from Vizag (which is a 4 hours journey). You can get tickets for lesser price, but there would be a layover in Malaysia for a couple of hours or you can book tickets for cheap if you plan your trip way ahead of your scheduled travel date.

Search your flight on multiple search engines. It’s important to check a few sites before you book. Here are some of the search engines you may want to check.

  1. Momondo
  2. Skyscanner
  3. Google Flights

Where to stay?  

Though Singapore is expensive compared to other Southeast Asian countries, you can still stay in a budget here. You find a number of budget Hostels or Guestrooms where you need to book well in advance to get the discounted price. Popular places to stay on budget in Singapore are Little India, China Town, Bugis, Clark Quay & Lavender Street. You even find Mid Range hotels in these areas where the price may range from Rs 2,000/- to 5000/- per day. You can find hotels in Singapore here

What to carry?

  1. Umbrella – The weather in Singapore is usually hot but there isn’t really a wet or dry season in Singapore and it’s normal to experience rain every month. However, when it rains, it down pours – It rained on the first 2 days of our visit too 🙁 so make sure you carry a small umbrella.
  2. Mosquito Repellent & Sunscreen – It is important to carry a mosquito repellent or any other pest control product you may need (esp if you are travelling with kids) when you are visiting Night Safari, Jurong Bird park & Singapore Zoo(Just to be safe). A hat, Sunglasses and a Sunscreen with a high SPF is a MUST to protect you from skin burn as the rays are really harsh, even on the cloudy days.
  3. Clothes and Shoes – Light clothes (cotton shirts, shorts, dresses) that are easy to move around for city touring and some nice clothing if you want to treat yourself a meal at a nice restaurant or want to go for a nightclub and comfortable shoes as you need to walk a lot (YES, a lot!! )
  4. Medicines, cosmetics and toiletries – Just carry the basics. Make sure you carry a pocket pack of tissues in your bag as when you get out of the main tourist areas and head towards outer lying areas, the public toilets are very untidy and sometimes you are caught with no toilet papers (places like Bugis street)
  5. Money – Dont carry too much cash as ATMs are available everywhere, and they’re safe to use. Carry your Credit cards or your Multi Currency Travel card and you can swip it anywhere.
  6. Charging Stations – If you are a person who carries mobile, laptop, iPad, camera, GoPro etc, and then you definitely need more than one power point. Carry a power point converter with multiple plug-ins on it – makes it a lot easier.

Also, would like to mention that don’t over pack, travel light – less is more. If you miss packing anything, there’s nothing that you cant buy in Singapore. There are places where you can buy your essentials for cheap.

How to get around?  

The best way to know a place is to use their public transportation. The MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) in Singapore are fast, clean, efficient and relatively cheap. They go almost anywhere you would want to go. You can buy the EZlink card in one of the MRT stations; you can also buy tickets per ride but EZlink card is much cheaper where you deposit 10 – 12 $ for the card. You just load it up and tap it in when you go on and go off. You can also use this same card to travel in buses too; the rides are very cheap and they come all the time.

The MRT timings are 6AM to 11:30PM and you can hire taxis to travel post 11:30 PM 🙂

Here is a link to the MRT map :

Things NOT to carry/do in Singapore: 

There is a strict rule about Chewing gums in this country. They are considered as illegal, so don’t even bring chewing gums into Singapore with you. Also, there is a rule that Durian fruit is illegal to carry on the MRT’s. Therefore, if you happen to buy this fruit, make sure you do not travel in MRT.

How many days?  We spent a week in Singapore but otherwise 3-4 days are sufficient to cover all the tourist attractions.

I shall be covering all about the Singapore attractions and shopping destinations in my upcoming blog posts…Stay tuned 🙂

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