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Hi Girls,

I know it has been long since I posted something on my blog and if you happen to follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I have been on a trip to Singapore last month. I love travelling and I will be making a post on my trip soon.

Okay, coming back to the post, I wanted to write something about Maxi Skirts for so long. They have been on the fashion loop for quite a few seasons and I do not see this trend dying anytime soon. Available in various fabrics and fit, the maxi skirt proves to be a versatile piece.  Whether one wants to dress them up, down, or somewhere in between, these long length skirts have style solutions for everyone. If you haven’t tried a maxi skirt yet or looking for an inspiration to change your style, you can try this way to wear one. 🙂

A white shirt/blouse is so classic and timeless and I’m sure most of us have it in our own wardrobe because it’s such a fashion essential and you can never miss on having it. I purchased this white long sleeves shirt from Nautica store, Mumbai about 3 years ago- the fitting and durability is soo good and hence the lastingness.  Casually, I wear this shirt with Denims or trousers; but somehow this time I wanted to pair it with a printed maxi skirt and I am happy that the combination went so well that it did turn out fashionable.  I kept the accessories simple – a necklace, watch and a bag will do.








You can also style these maxi skirts with crop tops, knitted tops, tank tops and many other ways – I would love to see how you would pair yours. Do share your thoughts on this in the comments below or tag me on Instagram!


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4 thoughts on “Maxi Skirts

  1. The skirt nd shirt r lik wow together … seriously that necklace is jus adding beauty to the shirt..😊nd that floral skirt wow.. Jus sowmya jus keep rocking lik this..😉

  2. Hey Sowmya. Trust you are doing as great as your pics 🙂 this is probably the first article I read posted by you. You are really good. Looking forward to read your earlier articles and many more to come. Best of luck.

    Regards, Bablu

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